or, how we changed several wet martinis into dry martinis. If you are a martini purist, please don’t read this. If you do, please don’t judge us harshly.

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Vermouth. A fortified & aromatized wine that didn’t enter our kitchen (err… Primary Testing Facility) until we became interested in classic cocktails. But, now that it has entered through our doors, which variety is worthy of coveted space in the box-of-cooling? We shall taste test several, “For Great Science!” of course.

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Quantitative Analysis of Shaking Time in a Martini

When making a martini, shaking with ice is a common technique to mix the ingredients. This has two easily measurable effects. The first is that the martini is cooled by the melting of ice. The second is that this melting dilutes the martini. The melting of ice seems to occur even if the gin and the ice are the same temperature initially.

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