Baked vs Fried: Energy Use

Whole home energy monitor + a new kitchen toy = electric oven vs residential fryer (energy use comparison AND mini taste-test)!

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Baked Bacon!

Alton Brown exposed many people to baking bacon via Good Eats. There seems to be some differing instructions online about time and temperature – in addition to some non-specificity on bacon thickness. Does it matter? We’ll cook some bacon in the name of science for you (you’re welcome).

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Orange Liqueur versus the Brownies

Orange liqueurs are reported to have differing properties, but tend to be similar enough to only require a single bottle per collection. The collection at the Secondary Testing Facility recently had its bottle of Grand Marnier supplemented with a bottle of Cointreau, adding comparative liqueurs to our potential fields of study. For our first foray into the realm of citrusy alcohol science, we consider a simple question: which produces a better brownie, Grand Marnier or Cointreau?

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