The 1.676hp Microwave Saga: Part 4

As luck would have it, a friend recently replaced their microwave and lent us their old 1100W microwave for sciencing, before proper disposal.  Until now, the focus of our ongoing series on understanding the power output of a new 1250W microwave has been based on estimating the output of an 1100W microwave.  In this installment we can see how accurate those estimates were.
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Frosty, the car window

Sometimes frost on the *inside* surface of the car’s windows is a fact of life here at the primary testing facility. The defroster grid in the back window, while typically used to melt frost, the conditions were such that they became nucleation sites for the frost on the inside surface instead!



Consensus online is that this problem is related to excess moisture in the cabin, which considering our area has had somewhere between 157.5226 ” this season (70″ difference? yup, that bugs me), tracked in snow and wet carpets is a likely culprit.