Baked Bacon!

Alton Brown exposed many people to baking bacon via Good Eats. There seems to be some differing instructions online about time and temperature – in addition to some non-specificity on bacon thickness. Does it matter? We’ll cook some bacon in the name of science for you (you’re welcome).

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Thanksgiving Cow

Uncooked Roast

Here at the primary testing facility, it’s no secret that we like red meat.  So, when we found standing rib-roasts on sale shortly before Thanksgiving, we couldn’t resist doing a science to one of them (getting two for control, seemed a bit excessive).

Initial observation:
Roast recipes have always seemed to be a bit of a dark art, with mysterious temperature changes in the middle, cooking times based on mass rather than linear dimensions.  These peculiar practices seem to produce delicious results, and presumably have something to do with how heat flows into the meat during cooking.  In this post we hope to shed some light on how heat flows through a roast.

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