Throwback Thursday: Anti-Helo Kitty

Long long ago in the before time (the night before our very first post, to be precise), one of our resident felines found our geeky forms of entertainment irresistible.

Initial observation:

While playing with a Snap Circuits kit over Spring Break 2013, one of our cats found the spinning fan blade very interesting.


Since the fan blade is designed to fly into the air, would the cat leap after it when it launched?  Would such a clever feline find another way to murder it and/or possess its power‽


Given cats’ innate hunting instincts, it seemed very likely that a cat would attempt to subdue the fan blade if it were launched into the air.

Equipment & Materials:


  1. Assemble the Snap Circuits LIGHT project 142.
  2. Turn on the power switch.
  3. Activate motor with the remote control, to launch the fan.
  4. Observe the feline’s reaction.

Alternatively: If the fan fails to launch, reconfigure into project 8, preferably before the feline loses interest.


As luck would have it, Isaac volunteered to help with this project.

As shown in the video above, despite the failure of the spinning fan to launch, Isaac was extremely interested in possessing it.  In the extended cut of the video, it’s clear that Isaac remains focused on the spinner for quite a long while, and even returns his focus after being distracted by the human recording the video.

Surprise Results:

Unfortunately, the fan had difficulty launching, the details of the failure have been lost to the ages.   Less surprisingly the feline eventually lost interest.


Despite the failure to actually launch the spinner, both Isaac and his adopted human seemed to enjoy the experience.  Isaac’s desire to murder spinning objects continued and he would eventually go on to become Radiometer Cat.

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