Prototyping an election night drink: The Trump

Here at Doing Science to Stuff headquarters we are quite fond of themed drinks. For presidential elections we like to make two drinks, one for each candidate. We then take a sip from the appropriate candidate’s drink whenever a state is called for that candidate. While we have a couple basic recipes in mind, there are some parameters that need to be fine tuned. In this installment we will be optimizing a ratio of ingredients for the drink to represent Donald Trump.

Initial observation:

Themed drinks are an amusing way to celebrate an occasion, but designing a new drink can require some fine tuning. The drink we will be working on today is intended to represent Donald Trump. The basic recipe we have come up with is as follows:



    1. Pour <some quantity> vodka into a comically oversized glass.
    2. Add <some quantity> Brawndo.
    3. Agitate vigorously with reckless abandon.
    4. Blame media for any resulting mess.

It’s orange, it’s an Idiocracy reference, it’s influenced by Russia, the vodka is overpriced for the quality, and the oversized glass will make your hands seem tiny.


What is the optimal ratio of Orange Sports Drink to Vodka?


For most drinks that involve a liquor and a mixer, I’ve found that a 1:4 (liquor:mixer) ratios works quite well. At least for mixing with carbonated beverages. So, I expect the ratios that are closer to 1:4 (liquor:mixer) will be more reasonable as a beverage. However the higher vodka ratios may be a better representation of Trump as a candidate.

Equipment & Materials:

  • Orange sports drink (Brawndo, if available, but Gatorade or Powerade should work as long as it has electrolytes) (35ºF)
  • Imperia vodka (0ºF)
  • Measuring glass
  • 4 identical glasses


  1. In each glass mix a different ratio of orange sports drink to vodka with these ratios:
    4:1, 3:1, 2:1, 1:1.
  2. Taste each drink.
  3. Record impressions of each ratio.
  4. If 1:1 is a drinkable, consider stronger ratios such as 1:2, 1:3, or 1:4.
  5. Pick ratio that best represents Trump.


For these trials we chose to use Gatorade which have stored in our refrigerator. The Imperia was stored in the freezer giving the bottle a frosty patina. Since we were only testing the ratios for flavor, we used small glasses instead of the comically large glasses that the final drink will be served in.


During the taste test, the 1:1 ratio was deemed to have too much vodka, so we didn’t try any of the ratios beyond 1:1.

Left to right is 4:1, 3:1, 2:1, and 1:1 ratios of orange sports drink to vodka.

Left to right is 4:1, 3:1, 2:1, and 1:1 ratios of orange sports drink to vodka.

Below is a summary of our tasting notes.

Taste Tester A Taste Tester F
4:1 tastes like Gatorade basically just orange Gatorade
3:1 favorite rather boring, missing both orange and vodka flavor
best drink overall
2:1 too much vodka ok balance of orange and vodka
best representation of Trump
1:1 too much vodka very noticable vodka flavor, orange barely noticeable


While the 3:1 ratio is the most pleasing drink, the vodka is still mostly hidden. Given that Trump has been vocal about his praise of Putin, the vodka should be more pronounced. For this reason the 2:1 ratio may be more appropriate.

Future Questions:

Would putting this this drink in a seltzer siphon or a nitrogen whipper give it nice foamy “hair”? If it does, would it still be drinkable? Is it possibly better with Gatorade or Powerade?

2 thoughts on “Prototyping an election night drink: The Trump

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