Logical Fallacy Awareness Through Gamification

Due to the huge popularity of Cognitive Bias Bingo, we are proud to introduce Logical Fallacy Bingo.  As with its predecessor, Logical Fallacy Bingo uses gamification to raise awareness of logical fallacies on social media.

After setting up cognitive bias bingo, it seemed to be lacking some very common sources of flawed arguments and factually challenged opinions on social media.  Thus a new game would be required that could cover common logical fallacies that often trip people up.

Logical Fallacy Bingo Board

Example logical fallacy bingo board. Get your randomized one at logical-fallacy-bingo.com.

So, if you are often frustrated with unchecked logical fallacies on social media, go to logical-fallacy-bingo.com to print your own BINGO card(s) so you can at least have a little fun while watching others use flawed logic.  Just be sure to be aware of your own fallacious logic while you do so.

One thought on “Logical Fallacy Awareness Through Gamification

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